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da eames il 30 ott 2017 08:34


This is so simple, quick, and nutritious, take about 3 minutes to make and a good half-hour to eat (well, if you eat it all, which I do!)... Oh, and it's 4 servings of fruit!

Take a bag if frozen raspberries (the unsweetened ones -- just whole frozen raspberries in a bag, in the freezer section).

Pour the berries into a 1L measure, or similar. When the berries are partially thawed (about 15-20 minutes in a cool kitchen), add about 6-9 packets of Stevia natural plant sweetener. Use a hand-blender and mix until completely puréed, but it will remain frozen, so it makes a sorbet-like dessert.

The whole bag makes about a pint of 'sorbet' (which I won't share), and comes in around 80 calories for the size of the bag I buy, according to the nutritional label in the bag!

You can also add some soya milk and 15 ml (1 tbsp) of unsweetened cocoa powder to it, for a "milk-chocolate" raspberry treat, but you need a bit more Stevia then.

For more details: 2d character animation

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