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How stock market players control the money market

da doaa nile7 il 27 mar 2024 17:53

According to some information, the players of the open stock exchange have huge experience in the world of trading, and through this they are able to achieve huge gains at the expense of novice investors or those who do not have experience in the financial market, and they are easily attracted to stocks that appear to be on the rise despite the fact that the players are the ones in control. In these stocks, not the market situation or the supply and demand situation for them.
الاسهم السعودية هوامير البورصة
Stock market tycoons have the ability to control the state of the financial market and stocks through experience in speculation, and this usually appears clearly in the Gulf and Arab financial markets in general. It is largely related to the fact that the major trading tycoons obtain millions in their financial portfolios, and therefore their movements In buying and selling, they have great control over the stock index at times, due to their share in the stocks being the largest.

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