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The real Citigroup bank

da doaa nile7 il 29 gen 2024 23:07

Citigroup Corporation is one of the largest financial services companies in the world, and therefore it is of interest and attraction to thousands of traders and investors, as it provides many financial services and investment products in about 160 countries around the world, including banking, insurance, credit cards, investment services, and wealth management. And others. فروع سيتي بنك في السعودية
The founding of the bank dates back to the year 1812 AD, when it was known as the City Bank of New York. Over time, it changed to its current name, Citigroup, to become one of the largest and most important financial institutions in the world. The value of the bank’s financial assets amounts to more than 2.3 trillion dollars, according to financial statements for the year. 2021 AD.

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